Web Help Desk - How to submit a support request to Library and Computing Services (LCS) and track its progress.
Accessing the Web Interface:
Login to the system using your University username & password, for example: ab18def.


The Web Helpdesk URL can be accessed without the need of the UH VPN, and is compatible with the latest versions of Safari, Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer web browsers.

To submit a ticket:
  • Select "Library & Computing Services Support" from the Request Type drop-down list
  • Fill in the Subject of the ticket
  • Fill in the Request Detail
  • If your support requirement relates to a device/service at a particular University Campus/Location you should select it from the drop-down list
  • You can carbon copy other people into all the emails relating to the ticket if you wish
  • You can attach a file if you wish
  • Click the Save button at the bottom left-hand side of the screen. A thank you message appears giving the number of your ticket and stating that a confirmation email is on its way.
On submission a new ticket is given the status "Pending". A pending ticket will shortly be actioned by the appropriate LCS team and its status will be changed accordingly.

The possible values of a ticket’s status are

Transferred (transferred to the appropriate LCS team for further action)
Assigned (allocated to a member of the Support staff)
On Hold

You will automatically be notified by email when the status of your ticket changes.

IF YOU ARE NEW TO THE SYSTEM please go to your profile page when you have logged in (use the Profile button at the top of the screen) and enter your telephone extension and room number (& click Save), as we cannot pick these details up from the central data vault.

To track the progress of your ticket:

Use the History button at the top of the screen to list/search for your tickets.

Click on the ticket number to open the ticket


You can add a note to your ticket by clicking the Add Note button, typing your note and clicking Save

The assigned support staff will be notified by email when you add a note to a ticket

Support staff can also add notes to your ticket.

You will be notified by email each time a note is added to your ticket.

If you wish to communicate with the support staff about a ticket which is already on the system please do so by adding a note to the ticket. Please do not email the assigned support staff directly.

To cancel a ticket, click the Cancel Ticket button at the TOP right-hand side of the screen. The status of the ticket will be changed to “Cancelled”

You will be notified by email when your job is completed. Use the Yes or No button in the email to confirm/deny that the ticket has been completed to your satisfaction. If the ticket is completed to your satisfaction its status is changed to “Closed”. If the ticket is not completed to your satisfaction you are asked to add a note explaining why, and the ticket is reopened.

A ticket which is completed is automatically closed after 10 working days.

If you have any problems using the system please email LCS Support at helpdesk@herts.ac.uk or 01707-284678