How to reset/change my University Password?
There is a website service which allows you to reset/change your University account password.

This password service affects the following services and systems :
- Web Help Desk
- LRC Workstation login (Windows, Linux & Mac)
- School Labs login (Windows, Mac & Linux)
- Teaching Rooms Computers
- Homepages / Louise / Thelma logins
- Microsoft Imagine (ENT/COM/LMS/PAM/HSK Only) - Previously known as Microsoft DreamSpark
- Adobe downloads for home (Staff Only) [@]
- BSc Projects Service (Computer Science only)
- StudyNet login [@]
- Canvas [@]
- Email login (Staff Only) [@]
- UH VPN [@]
- UH Wireless login [@]
- Eduroam [@]
- Student System (Staff Only)
- Staff Desktop Novell Login (Staff Only)
- HR System / BackOffice (Staff Only) [@]
- Office 365 [@]
- Herts Hub (Staff Only) [@]
- Qualtrics (LMS Only)
- Staff Store
- Student Store

Note: Central password changes do not include the following systems:
- MySQL for use on Homepages
- Accounts on Jose
- Accounts on Eric
- Accounts on Pedro
- Accounts on Rex
(For the above systems submit a support request on or email
How to login:
Use your University username to login e.g. ab21cde
Services with 
[@] you need to use your <username> e.g.

For more information see:

If you are unable to reset your password contact the Library and Computing Services by emailing or contacting 01707-284678